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Prom: But Make it Culture

So, it’s been a hot minute since I went to prom and I was reminiscing with all the pictures on my feed a few months back. I went to prom both junior and senior year of high school. Junior year, I went super simple with a black dress and makeup I did myself. This was before I knew the difference between day looks and night looks, so please don’t judge me if those pics every resurface.

Senior year, my mom helped me go all out. We brought our A-game. I was given the opportunity for a prom she’d never had. I’m talking custom-tailored dress, face beat, a professional photographer, and a Mercedes for the night. I didn’t get to drive it, though. Prom was truly a night to remember.

I remember wanting a date to prom so bad. More importantly, I wanted a promposal. That didn’t happen so my best friend Rebecca and I went together and I don’t regret a minute of it.

This definitely didn’t come without a few hiccups. We probably went through a whole pack of hair pins during this photo shoot. The April humidity did not come to play.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it also took one to send us to prom. I’m so thankful for my mom, brother, and everyone else who took the time out of their day to help me and Becca out.

How do you feel about dances?

Did you go to prom?

What was your favorite memory from high school?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!


Rachelle Saint Louis is a Haitian-American writer, born and raised in South Florida. She received a 2018 Silver Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition for her poem “Red Blood Cell.” She is currently a Psychology and English double major at Florida Atlantic University. Her poetry has been published in Rigorous Magazine. Rachelle has been writing poetry since the 7th grade and you can often find her performing Spoken Word at local open mics.

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