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Black Girls in Honeycore

Hey y’all! It feels like forever since I’ve actually written something for this page. In all honesty, I’ve had so many half finished articles in my drafts but no motivation to actually do anything about them. This is not one of those drafts.

So I recently learned about the Honeycore aesthetic through Dana’s art page on instagram. This post to be specific:

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Week 6 of 100 Collages

Life has been really wild lately. I thought quarantine was something but then everything else happened. I want to write some essays on it but I’ve been struggling to put it all together. I wrote a post for The Paradigm Press about ways to help the Black Lives Matter Movement so check it out if you’re interested.

Even though I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve actually stayed consistent with the challenge. I’ll be posting all the updates this week. Here’s week 6!

Day 36

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The 100 Day Project: Week 5

Hey y’all! We’re up to Week 5 of this project and as we get deeper into this, I’ve gotten a lot bolder. I haven’t even been staying on a set theme at this point. I usually just flip through magazines and cut out things that I think will work together or that inspire me. I’ve been growing a lot in my style and I love getting inspiration from Jordan E. Clark and @thejournalbean. They both make amazing journal spreads.

Day 29

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